Sorry for a small delay with an English version of my website. Hope that soon I will be able to write much more information, but for now just a few words. For everybody who spent some days in South East Asia it’s not a secret how necessary there to ride on a motorbike to feel the taste of Asia. But in the same time it’s rather dangerous to begin to ride without any skills. So that’s what I’m doing for a last couple of years — I’m teaching how to ride on motorbike. I ride on motorcycle for about thirteen years and when I first time came to Asia some of my friends asked me to teach them. And then some friends of my friends asked for it. So, finally I got a motorcycle riding school in Asia. Mostly I spend my time on Bali or in Goa. From November 2012 I’m staying in Goa. Usually one lesson which lasts for about two hours is enough. The payment is 2200INR. I provide a scooter and some protection equipment. You can contact me by phone +91-77-98-4I-27-46 or email contact@motoasia.pro  Thanks for visiting my page. Hope to see’ya soon.

PS Sorry, there is also no page for feedback on english, but you can try to use translate.google.com for translating russian feedbacks which are on page http://motoasia.pro/?page_id=39



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